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When epilepsy is treated with music. Jeordie for 33db Good Noise

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After the success of Vierno, Totino Melillo’s single, 33db Good Noise, offers the public a new member of its roster. Jeordie, from the class of 2000, is a young artist from Sant’Arsenio (Salerno). Active since 2019, he fuses rap with R&B and Indie creating a modern experimentation in line with the Urban Music in vogue today.

20:00 is the first single that the artist releases with the label. Produced by Uanmness and accompanied by a video shot by Luigi Cartolano, it is available in all digital stores.

Jeordie says: “This title represents a time of day. I chose it because, since 2018, this specific time of day has marked me deeply, changing my lifestyle. In 2018, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, for which I am still taking tablets at 8am and 8pm every day. Initially, I found it very limiting: I denied myself even basic things like going out, having a beer with friends, making plans of any kind. But these limits were only inside me. I imposed them on myself. Over time, I realised that this situation allowed me to remain lucid and focused on the really important things, such as music and university.

20:00 is a chill track split between light rap, R&B and smooth pop. Although the subject matter is important and intimate, Jeordie has chosen to convey chilling, providing a light-hearted and serene mood.

The intention is to focus attention on life and the things that happen, teaching that the reaction must be calm, rational and must give way to think that in the bad there is always some good. This single is about the awareness that one acquires over time with respect to a condition that was initially seen as negative, but then turned out to be anything but.

It is a calm piece that wants to convey calm and wants to make people understand that behind anything, even the most apparently negative, there can be a positive side and a reason for personal growth. In a historical period such as today’s, in which illnesses are becoming more and more frequent, 20.00 tries to calm the listener and transport him completely into a state of mind of acceptance and awareness.