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Natural Beauty Treatment, from Zoifytà the new range products for face and body

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From the love for Nature and its bond, in the heart of Abruzzo, the brand Zoifytá was born.

The project began almost ten years ago thanks to the spouses Maurizio and Rita Tortoreto. Today, with the collaboration of Sara Nicolai, her son and his future wife –Ismaele di Carlo and Roberta D’amico– have shaped the small craftsmanship into a national project grounded on wellness and the use of medicinal herbs under the traditional natural therapy.

Zoifytá Cosmetic’s secrets distinguish its products from the accurate sophistication, genuineness and delicacy of raw materials, that combined with the continued research, allow the business to create the highest-quality natural cosmetics products, miles away from the synthetic industrial lines.

Zoifytá (from the Greek zoi – life and fytà – plants) reflects the Italian-crafted cosmetic and tells the inner curative of nature, pointing out the traditional phytotherapy treatments (healing oneself with plants) and its characteristics.

Between the products currently available through the website – and soon within specialised stores- the “Anti-aging Face Cream” is designed as a toner and highlighter giving freshness to the skin; packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Tepezcohuite (also known as Mimosa Tenuiflora), Rice Bran Oil and Shea Butter. The Body Cream is the flagship product of the collection. It blends the Devil’s Claw, Boswellia, Arnica and TeaTree essential oil. This lotion of multiple features donates psychophysical relief; it suitable for athletes as it facilitates joint mobility, improves micro-circulation and supports the skin as an antibacterial, antiseptic or helps to ease irritation.

These magnificent products are without petroleum, silicones and parabens. It embraces the philosophy of body-wellness and life-style improvement. Zoifytá is 100% Italian and underpins the research and thousand-year-old practice of medicinal herbs.