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Ghetto River reclaims the river people, the invisibles: out comes the new video by Prhome

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After Frank Sinatra in January, which had seen Prhome and Arduz together again after many years, the rapper proposes “Ghetto River” as a spring single. The video, directed by Andrea Artioli, is the first written by the artist himself, who uses the script to highlight the song through allegories and symbolism.

The production of Mr. Toks, with whom the artist has been collaborating for over fifteen years, gives life to a soulful song dedicated to the great river Po and its people (the river people), especially the forgotten ones who, for one reason or another, have never left. “Ghetto River” speaks to the “invisible” who are not in the spotlight and at the same time do not claim the visibility they deserve because they are humble.

The video, in which Prhome is the only one to show himself without a balaclava, aims at empathy, wanting to make sure that all those who feel marginalised, or invisible, can find a representation of themselves in the rapper’s words. The song, despite its Soul label, has a West sound and boasts the collaboration of Françoise, a soul singer, who was able to accentuate the value of the track thanks to her splendid voice in the choruses. In addition to the aforementioned and well-established collaboration with Mr Toks, who actually crafted a sonic masterpiece, the final touch was given at the Radice Sonora Studio, which enhanced the groove and warmth of the track. “Ghetto River”, available on all digital stores, is being released as a stand-alone single and will probably not be part of the official album expected later this year.

However, “Ghetto River” remains a HipHop track and in true True Life Records style. The artist himself goes on to say that the track is also intended to vindicate meritocratic status with “the knowledge that to have credibility it’s not essential to come from the city, from the buildings, from the grey. Everyone represents his own ghetto, also because outside the comfort zone, whatever it is, the rule of survival applies: in Polesella as in Milan, in New York or Los Angeles”.