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 “F.I.G.A. POP UP”, a feminist punk-minded zine

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International Women’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the progress made towards achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment but also to critically reflect about what It is necessary to do next.

Exactly today, F.I.G.A. POP UP is presented as official magazine released by F.I.G.A. – Foundation for International Girls in the Arts.

The project (F.I.G.A.) aims to create connections and support the development of women and women-identifying artists of all ages in visual arts with a special focus on non-UK-natives photographers.

is a feminist punk-minded zine with a focus on visual culture and artivism.

Interviews, articles, analysis, reflections, call for actions and much more. The zine promotes peer collaboration, discussions and bring together women from different countries and backgrounds, with special attention to Italian communities around the world.

Alys explains: “8 March is a date that reminds us of social injustice and class differences, it’s a moment of awareness. It is mourning and catharsis. What are civil rights without social justice if not empty rhetoric aimed at giving the masses the impression that they are changing the rules of the game? Illusory conquests that do not change the system that produces inequality between genders, between social classes, between cultures, between first world and third world countries. We should not be afraid of the inner revolution that can take place within each one of us. “

The zine is available from the website (click here) and is a volunteer based initiative. Anyone to decide to support the project is welcome.

F.I.G.A. POP UP is a way to connect and learn. If you wish to be part of the gang, just get in touch!

Reach Alys here: finternationalgirlsinthearts