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5 Key Benefits for a Dog-Friendly Workplace

There are many key benefits for a Dog-Friendly Workplace! It was 2015 when we had our first “Take your Dog to Work Day!” in Milan. This annual event, a success for us, was created by “Pet Sitters International” (PSI) in 1999 to celebrate relationships with dogs, and encourage non-pet owners to adopt a furry friend.

These days – well, at least before the pandemic- small and large businesses have come to realize there are many benefits from adopting a dog-friendly workplace. When people stop “working from home”, the trend says that many offices will accept dogs.

Here at Comdart, we’re delighted to celebrate every day the “Take Your Dog to Work Day!”. Let us tell you how much we do love our dog-friendly office! Here, there are 5 advantages to having a day-to-day life-experience dog-friendly workplace. Enjoy!

1- Office dogs help reduce employees stress

The process of petting a dog reduces blood pressure, changes your physiological state into a more relaxed mood, and makes you feel generally better. You cannot avoid stress! It is inevitable, but the research shows that dogs can help lower stress level, counterbalance tensions, and improve normal employee mental health.

2- Office dogs boost morale

Another key benefit for a dog-friendly workplace! Not that much to say. Are you dealing with the pressure of a tight deadline, or a particular client is too demanding? Take a deep breath, pat a dog, smile, and hop to it! Just try it. Dogs are instant mood relieves and boost morale, which contributes to lowering stress levels.

3 – Dog encourage health life-style in the office

Dogs motivate office workers to leave their desks and go outside for a walk more often. The health benefits of exercise are well documented, and once again, as mentioned above, it lessens stress and heightens morale. Even a quick walk at lunchtime allows the head to rest, resulting in a much happier, creative, productive, and refreshed mind. It is also demonstrated that pet owners are generally less sick, with fewer visits to the doctor, lower cholesterol, improve heart and mental health.

4- A Dog-Friendly workplaces promote productivity

You may think that an office full of puppies or dogs would be a cause of distraction – which is probably somehow true – but being able to bring your best friend to work glees people and lightens the pressure to get home in a rush to walk the dog.

Also, pets create more instant shared interests. It is a fabulous way of easing deeper conversation, improving communication, and building relationships, which is a significant aspect to consider when envisioning a better social- mental health environment.

5 – Dog-Friendly workplaces are more attractive to potential employees

It creates a cheerful and mental health-proof environment! While it results positive for human well-being, it can strategically contribute to a business and recruitment perspective; as dog-friendly policies can contribute to encourage and attract top talents to work for your company.