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​How motion design can increase awareness in Marketing

We often have heard of ‘motion design‘ in some job descriptions, but what is really about? Why has motion design become a key-skill for a digital designer? First, it is significant to mention that motion design applies graphic design principles to film-making and video production using animation and visual effects. There can be some confusion about this format, but it is enough to say that examples include films, videos, animated texts, web-based animations and apps. Let’s focus on the most important thing now: how does motion graphic help companies?

1-Motion design shares information easily
Visual communication can distil difficult information for easy comprehension. It’s also so effective because it targets the way your brain processes data. Many things are easy to understand if you can “see it”. It can happen with explainer videos like tutorials, work or user flow, data visualisation, and other abstract concepts.

2-Motion design is emotionally captivating
Motion design is an attention-grabber, and it can affect emotions empathising with users. Moody music, powerful voice-over, and stunning visuals can all work together to build an impact story.

3-Motion design is a way to save time
Most motion graphics are 40 sec to 4 minutes long. It means that it is the best way to share information ASAP. Watching a short video can increase awareness and build engagement. With motion design, you can say more with less content and saving time.

4-Motion design can adjust a bad logo
If your logo is not exciting and you can’t refresh it for any reasons, motion design can be helpful. Without massive changes, it can improve the whole branding by keeping it consistent. Sounds and effects are enough to improve an obsolete logo.

5-Motion design reflects your brand’s personality
No comments needed, I think!

All the reasons given so far, explain why motion design is now an essential tool for marketing and any digital designer, no matter your communication needs. There are plenty of applications where motion is now crucial, to mention sale and social videos, marketing video (content to showcase the brand, people or causes), tutorials for products and services, the traditional ads (online or television commercials) and content strategies, a mix of contents like copy, photos or info-graphics and more. However, there are not denying that people are more and more interested in video. To think of how popular a social network like TikTok has acquired. If you are a digital designer without this skill, I’m sorry to say that it’s the “time to learn how to motion”.